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Tour Dates:

7-16-21          Debut Showcase Headlining Show- Charlotte, NC

7-17-21          Tribute Concert with Of Serpents, Systematic Devastation, Black Market Currency, The Low- Clarksville, TN

7-23-21         Headlining Show- To Begin Anew, Nova Omega- Greenville, SC

7-24-21         Headlining Show- Den Of Wolves, Sinn, Divided- Virginia Beach, VA

8-5-21           Headlining Show- Den Of Wolves, Hanna Barakat- Winterpark, FL

8-7-21           Headlining Show- Higher Ground, Not Promised Tomorrow- Tampa, FL

8-10-21         Left to Suffer with Fractured Frames, Haymaker, Heft- Charlotte, NC

8-14-21         Divided with Grym, Alpha, Eulogy in Blood- Chesapeake, VA

8-18-21         Hed PE with Cultus Black, Magg Dylan, Sinn- Virginia Beach, VA

8-19-21         Hed PE with Cultus Blaack, King Baby, Grim Details, Defile The Crown- Jacksonville, NC

8-23-21        King 810 with Uncured- Charlotte, NC

8-24-21        King 810 with Uncured- Greensboro, NC

9-17-21          Live Stream for Top Heavy Productions

9-30-21         Headlining Show- with Fractured Frames, Heartsick, Reign of Z- Asheville, NC

10-2-21          Live Stream with Halfl1fe, Until They Bleed- Lexington, NC

10-3-21          Headlining Show- with The Kollective, Until They Bleed- Salisbury, NC

10-19-21         Dropout Kings with Saving Vice, Oh The Horror, Chucky Chuck- Greensboro, NC

10-28-21        Headlining show- with Kill The Imposter, Neverfall- Greenville, SC

10-29-21        Headlining Show- with Kill The Imposter, Divided- Charlotte, NC

11-6-21           Headlining Show- with Gorilla Warfare, Existing In Exile, Nova Varta, Modern Primate

11-12-21          Welcome to Rockville Festival- Daytona Beach, FL

11-27-21         Toys for Tots- Headlining Show- with Coffin Slide, Trivial Difference- Charleston, SC

12-4-21          Benefit Show- with Angel Massacre, Strike The Tower, Valar Morghulis, Victims of Depravity, Vivisectionist- Spartanburg, SC

12-11-21          Defile The Crown- with A Shelter for Holly, Solace Betrayal- Jacksonville, NC

12-31-21         Headlining Show- with Dawn of Dismality, Paradoxum- Asheville, NC


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